Our fantastic International Interns for Summer 2019, Nicole, Giya and Myr.

Each year we take on 6-8 summer interns who are studying law and wish to help make a difference to the lives of domestic workers whilst also gaining some invaluable experience. We spoke to Nicole, Giya and Myr about their time at HELP for Domestic Workers this summer.

Nicole joined us all the way from Canada, having just graduated from Queen Mary’s University London. Nicole chose HELP as she was passionate about the cause, and also wanted legal experience outside of a strictly western context. She said the biggest challenge was not being affected when comforting workers in really unfair situations and also the maths!

Giya is local to HK and is studying at The Chinese University. When asked she cited the best thing she learnt during her time here, was that help will always be given to those who ask for it and assistance came in many different ways, from advice and assistance on cases, providing moral support to clients, offering the names of credible employment agencies, shelters and offering counselling services. The moments she smiled the most at HELP were when she saw the clients smiling or laughing. This is because the issues that they were facing were deeply personal and serious, but they were still able to find joy and laughter. It shows that there is always hope.

Myr comes from Zimbabwe and is also studying at The Chinese University. She enjoyed her time here over the summer, and being part of the invaluable service to a population that, she feels, really deserves our help. She said if she could change one thing for domestic workers it would be wishing that the law changed so workers were less dependent on their employers. As well as increasing the minimum wage required to employ a domestic worker from $15,000 HKD a month.

We truly value our interns and see them as a natural extension of our service. If you or someone you know would like to apply for the Winter 2019 internships click here.