What to know before you sign.

A foreign domestic worker and an employer in Hong Kong must sign the standard employment contract (Form ID 407) agreeing to the terms stated in this document. They have been devised and imposed by the Labour and Immigration Departments with a view to protecting the worker’s interests. The worker needs to read and fully understand the terms of this contract before signing it.

The contract, and the attached Schedule of Accommodation and Domestic Duties, will specify the terms of employment, the time period of the contract, the employer’s address where the domestic worker will work at and reside in, the monthly salary, and other details.

The employer is required to complete and sign an Application for Employment of Domestic Helper from Abroad (Form ID(C) 969), which includes an undertaking stipulating that the employer will strictly adhere to the domestic worker's conditions of stay as well as the wage level, live-in and accommodation requirements. If an employer is found to have breached the undertaking, their future applications for employing a foreign domestic worker may be refused

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