Most employers are decent and fair.

They will be open to discuss and resolve problems with their domestic worker.  But there are some employers who have bad, selfish motives and intentionally act to cheat, abuse, and take advantage of their worker.  Some employers hire foreign workers never intending to give them their full wage, or conspire with employment agencies that charge workers excessive or illegal “placement fees.”

People like this believe that a worker will not know their legal rights or will be too afraid to take any action in an illegal or abusive situation.  But domestic workers must not let themselves be mistreated or exploited.

There are government agencies and organizations that can help domestic workers receive justice.  In these situations, a domestic worker will have to take action and initiative to talk to these people, such as the police, Immigration and Labour Department Officers.  The same assertive behaviour used when speaking to an employer should be used when talking to these people also.  Using assertive behavior shows that you have respect for yourself, and it encourages others to treat you with more respect.  Also, when you know your rights, you and your complaints will be taken more seriously.

You have the right to be treated fairly and with respect and to be safe in your work.  You have the power to help protect yourself. 

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