From our partners in the community to global organisations, our list of resources continues to grow.

Local Organisations

Enrich HK
Enrich provides financial and empowerment education to foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong, enabling them to save and manage their finances carefully. Its workshops on topics such as personal finance, investment tools, and assertive communication train attendees to plan for a stable future. Enrich also offers a one-to-one financial counselling service to address specific topics, such as high levels of debt, and a hotline open to both foreign domestic workers and their employers.

Telephone: +852 2386 5811

Pathfinders assists pregnant migrant mothers in Hong Kong. The organisation’s services include child protection, mothers’ protection, counselling, shelter, food, access to health, access to education and access to legal support.

Telephone: +852 5500 5486
Client Hotline: +852 5190 4886

Uplifters is a non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong.  Its mission is to enable migrant domestic workers in South-East Asia to transform their lives by unleashing the combined power of online education and community support - and as such make migration successful.  It provides a free online money management and personal development course.  All migrant domestic workers can enroll through Uplidfters' Facebook Messenger.  All they need to do to join for free is to click Send Message on Uplifters' Facebook page: and reply to the questions.

Telephone: +852 9731 9713


Justice Centre Hong Kong
Justice Centre works to protect the rights of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable forced migrants, including refugees and survivors of torture, human trafficking and forced labour. The organisation provides legal and psychosocial assistance to forced migrants seeking protection in Hong Kong, conducts research, and advocates for legislative and policy change. In 2016, Justice Centre released Coming Clean: The Prevalence of Forced Labour and Human Trafficking for the Purpose of Forced Labour Amongst Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong, the first study to provide statistically significant quantitative evidence measuring the scale of forced labour in Hong Kong.

Telephone: +852 3109 7359
Fax: +852 3422 3019

RainLily is a one-stop crisis centre for victims of sexual violence in Hong Kong, set up by the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women. Its services include pregnancy prevention, screening and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, forensic medical examinations, psychological support and reporting to the police. RainLilly also operates a hotline providing information on immediate intervention services to those in need.

Telephone: +852 2392 2569
Hotline: +852 2375 5322
Safe Chat:

Recommended Employment Agencies

Government Agencies and Consulates

Hong Kong Police
Telephone: 999

Hong Kong Immigration Department
Telephone: +852 2824 6111

Indonesian Consulate
Telephone: +852 2890 4421

Thai Consulate
Telephone: +852 2521 6481 ext. 5

Hong Kong Labour Department
Hotline: +852 2717 1771

Hong Kong Labour Department Employment Agencies Portal
Hotline: +852 2717 1771

Philippine Consulate
Telephone: +852 2823 8500

Sri Lankan Consulate
Telephone: +852 2581 4111

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