Seeking a purpose? A more meaningful way to lead life? If yes, read on. 

HELP for Domestic Workers is seeking volunteers to further its vision of a strong and prosperous society in Hong Kong where all migrant domestic workers are treated fairly.

We offer a number of ways for you to get involved in volunteering. Volunteers can enhance their skills, have new experiences and gain invaluable social skills and knowledge by working with diverse individuals on a daily basis. HELP’s volunteers accomplish day-to-day objectives as well as achieve long-term goals.

Case Work Volunteer

We need someone with empathy and patience to deal with our migrant domestic worker community. You will need to have a patient ear and an attention to detail to make sure we accurately address their issues and assist them in a timely manner.

Then HELP us out at our HELP Clinic on weekdays and weekends.

  • Attend to clients 
  • Accompany clients to the labour department, labour tribunal, law firms etc.
  • Plan out the HELP Clinic volunteer roster 
  • Make sure people seeking our help are well informed
  • Chip in with different activities planned

Programmes Volunteer

We are looking for a hands-on volunteer to help us out with our programmes. You will need to be adept at strategizing, planning and making sure everything works according to plan. That would mean ensuring fail safe measures as and when things don’t fall into place.  

If you are, we need your assistance in our programmes. 

  • We will need you to participate in our outreach activities
  • Assist in planning and executing programmes
  • Assist in collecting data
  • Research and write grant proposals for specific projects.

Communications Volunteer

Do you have excellent proof-reading, verbal and written communication skills? If you are tech savvy and know your way around the latest design software, love filming and editing video content, we would love to have you on board. 

If that is you, come join us as a Communications Volunteer.

  • We will need you to help us out with social media write ups, copywriting, designing and video filming. 
  • We would also appreciate your help in our fundraising activities, representing us at events such as exhibitions, fairs, NGO meets et cetera.

Language Interpreters 

If you can read or speak Tagalog, Bahasa, Hindi or any other language that can help with our beneficiary community, then we really need you. 

  • You will need to speak with and understand in a compassionate manner the issues that domestic workers come with.
  • Help our other volunteers with understanding the language that is spoken or with interpretation.
  • Recreate or edit documents for accuracy and clarity
  • Help us out with any activities that may need your language skills. 

If you can contribute, please send your CV and the Volunteer application form to with ‘Volunteer Application’ in the subject line. Please note that to apply for any of our volunteer positions you must have the right to work in Hong Kong.