HELP for Domestic Workers is a non-profit organisation established in 1989, empowering migrant domestic workers to access justice and receive fair and equal treatment in Hong Kong. Our model empowers migrant domestic workers through advice & assistance, awareness & education, and empowerment & peer support. We understand their needs in a non-judgemental manner and support those who need them. We recognise that our beneficiaries often need a holistic solution. Hence, we provide advice on legal questions, case counselling, education on rights and responsibilities, emergency shelter, mental well-being support and community leadership.

HELP also provides a space for employers to seek advice on domestic workers’ rights and entitlements. We believe sustainable change can be achieved by collaborating with domestic workers and employers.

Our Vision

Our vision is an equal world where all migrant workers have the opportunity to succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong to access their rights through education, advice, community and employer engagement.

Our History

Barrister James Collins founded us in 1989 in response to the acute need for migrant domestic workers to receive access to justice through rights education, advice and assistance. The resources provided by HELP grew in lockstep with the exponential demand for our services. As Hong Kong developed and transformed, so did migrant domestic workers’ needs in scale and the complexity of services required. Therefore, there was a need for HELP to grow and change to serve the community better and ensure access to justice for migrant domestic workers. In 2021, HELP Ltd. was established as an independent charity under Sec 88 of the Inland Revenue Department.    

Our Journey

What We Do

We believe engaging domestic workers and employers can achieve sustainable change by building mutually beneficial relationships. Through our programmes, we aim to bridge the gap between domestic workers and employers and create pathways for access to justice for both parties.

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