HELP’s service model is built on providing holistic support for migrant domestic workers, including access to advice, assistance, information, and education. Our programmes provide direct support to domestic workers in need and seek to empower the migrant domestic worker community in the long term. Through our programmes, we engage domestic workers, employers, and the wider Hong Kong community. 


HELPLine provides emergency support to at-risk domestic workers, such as access to shelter support and basic needs assistance. The HELPLine also provides advice and assistance to both domestic workers and employers on employment, immigration, civil, and criminal issues while supporting dispute prevention and early dispute resolution for workers and employers.

HELPing Hands

HELPing Hands programme empowers domestic workers and employers to build mutually beneficial employment relationships through awareness, information and education. Based on the Training of Trainers (ToT) model, the programme engages volunteer trainers to support the delivery of information and education sessions. This helps in creating a broader reach and also ensures long-term programme sustainability.


MeHeal Programme empowers domestic workers to gain access to justice through mental health support and wellbeing services. By providing access to mental health and wellbeing services, the programme empowers workers to have better employment relationships and build their resilience in the face of crisis. This enhances their access to justice and equitable solutions ensuring better life-changing outcomes.

HELP Circle

HELP Circle is a leadership programme empowering migrant domestic worker community leaders to provide guidance and support to at-risk migrant domestic workers and represent the community’s interests. It is a movement of migrant domestic workers working together to develop their leadership potential. Through their lived experiences, and resources provided by HELP, these leaders empower and support other domestic workers to enhance access to justice.

ALL of HELP’s programmes and services are free of charge with the support of generous donations. You can sponsor a programme or make a charitable donation.