Collaborate with Us: Donations and grants from corporations, foundations and individuals are vital for providing access to justice for migrant domestic workers. Your support helps us enhance domestic workers’ migration journey and improve Hong Kong families’ well-being.

Corporate Giving & Matching: A corporate matching programme incentivises your employees to donate their funds. We encourage corporates or organisations to provide a matching gift donation in addition to what their employees contribute. The more you show kindness to your employees, the more they’ll appreciate your company and its culture.

Build a business with a positive Social Impact with Cause Marketing: Use your business as a force for good. Cause marketing can help your business connect with consumers and employees through campaigns and initiatives to create a better community. Use your unique products to bring awareness of HELP’s mission.

Monthly Giving: We hope to inspire monthly giving, providing a dependable foundation of support and ensuring we can consistently reach out to domestic workers in need.

Fundraise: Offer your skills, gather your community and have some fun. Host an event, organise a hike, or offer a class. Fundraising ideas can be as creative as you like.

Start your journey with us. Please get in touch with Manisha Wijesinghe at