Watch and learn about your rights & responsibilities



1.  Your rights as a domestic worker in Hong Kong: The Basics

2.   Rest Days

3.   Wages and Food Allowance

4.   Statutory Holidays and Annual Leave

5.   Notice Pay Explained

6.  Termination of Contract by Employer: What are your entitlements

7.  Termination of Contract by Domestic Worker: What are your entitlements?

8.  Contract Terminated: What you need to know

9.   Severance Payment and Long Service Payment Explained

10. Contract Renewal with same Employer - what you need to do

11. Finished or Early Termination of Contract - What to do

12. Sick Leave and Sickness Allowance - What you need to know

13. Pregnancy, Maternity and Paternity Leave - What you need to know

14. Practical tips on dealing with your Employer

15. Dealing with Immigration, Visa Conditions and Overstaying

16. What happens if your employer owes you money and filing a claim with the LRD

17. Conciliation meetings - Essential Information

18. Filing a claim at the Labour Tribunal or MECAB - Essential Information

19. Labour Tribunal / Minor Employment Claims Adjudication Board (MECAB) - Essential Information

20. Giving a statement to the police and the justice system -  what you need to know

21. Seeking medical advice and medical services (including mental health support)

22. Employee Compensation claim and Discrimination Claims

23. Taking out a loan whilst working in Hong Kong - key facts you need to know

24. Human Trafficking and Forced Labor

25. Case and client stories