We believe every domestic worker in Hong Kong, irrespective of race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender, should have access to justice and receive equal and fair treatment before the law.

What we do


  • Explain to domestic workers their legal rights
  • Guide domestic workers in pursuing claims in the Labour Tribunal and other Courts
  • Create and distribute resources that inform of and empower domestic workers to know their legal rights

Legal Protection

  • Give advice in cases where a domestic workper is accused of a criminal offence, which, typically, will be one arising from or otherwise connected with their immigration status or employment
  • Assist domestic workers to draft witness statements and Court documents for use in Court proceedings
  • Prepare clients for conciliation meetings and Court hearings


  • Liaise with various government agencies including the Hong Kong Police, Immigration and Labour Departments about clients’ cases
  • Write letters to employers and recruitment agencies on behalf of clients and help to negotiate settlement agreements when possible, to avoid protracted litigations
  • Assist in the recovery of personal belongings and other documents unlawfully taken from them
  • Assist clients in recovery of excessive and unlawful commission (placement fees) paid to employment agencies

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Know Your Rights

We wrote the manual on domestic workers’ rights.


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