HELP has recently assisted a migrant domestic worker in crisis to obtain her entitlements and salary.

Indah was on her second contract with her employer as the first contract was a pleasant experience. However, the employer’s family frequently started living outside Hong Kong leaving behind Indah and their minor children. They would constantly give instructions and stay in contact via calls or messages. She was not paid her wages for nine months during the employment period. She was extremely worried about the uncertainty of the situation. She was afraid to leave the residence of employment as she had to look after the children, and manage the household.

When Indah reached out to HELP, we informed her about her rights and entitlements, and her responsibilities towards the employer’s minor children who were left to her care.

We then assisted her to successfully contact the employer and negotiate their return to Hong Kong. After several discussions, we reached a mutual settlement between Indah and the employer, and within three days she was paid her full settlement amount consisting of her salary, interest and other entitlements.

Indah’s case is a typical example of underpayment -not being paid monthly wages on time and regularly. If you are facing a similar situation, please do reach out to HELP. Our case managers will understand your situation, advice and guide you on your rights and entitlements, and support you to resolve the problem.