Climb to Mount Kilimanjaro Fundraiser


Liza Avelino, a Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong, is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in aid of HELP for Domestic Workers in August 2017. She hopes to raise HK$150,000.

Liza, who is known for her sense of adventure, whilst holding down a full-time job looking after a family, is the first Filipino domestic worker to scale Mt Kilimanjaro, following her previous climbs in the Himalayas, Malaysia and Japan.

Liza says, “I want to put the spotlight on the positive contribution made to the world by domestic workers – to show the world that we can do more than scrubbing loos, and demonstrate to other women how to be confident and assertive, all while being a part of the community”.

There are over 350,000 migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong, most of whom are from poorer countries in Asia. Negative perceptions and attitudes towards this vulnerable group can sometimes lead to abuse and exploitation.

Liza leaves for Mt Kilimanjaro on 1 August 2017. Help her climb Mount Kilimanjaro and sponsor Liza today!

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