HELP plays a role in effecting law amendments in Hong Kong

HELP team

We are proud to say we have played a role in effecting law amendments in Hong Kong that will influence the way job recruiters operate and positively impact hundreds of thousands of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.

In 2017, HELP raised the issue of statutory time limit for prosecuting agencies that overcharge job applicants, particularly domestic workers. Our recommendation to extend the time limit received overwhelming support from other NGOs which echoed it in their own submission to LegCo. This year the Employment Amendment Bill was passed which adopted our recommendation!

In 2013 /2014, we also recommended in a legislative council submission, among others, that the Hong Kong government issue a Code of Conduct for employment agencies and increase the penalty for those convicted of charging excessive commission. In 2015, the government began a consultation on a proposed Code of Practice for agencies which came into force last year. Increased penalties also became part of the recent Amendment Bill as other NGOs became aware of the issue and made it one of their rallying cries.

A toast to perseverance and cooperation!