HELP Raises HK$ 1.2 Million for Domestic Workers

We are incredibly grateful for all the support that has poured in from our Hong Kong community. With the support we provided essential supplies and temporary shelters across Hong Kong. Thanks to your generosity, HELP will remain agile and ready to meet emerging needs of migrant domestic workers over the next few months.

From 17 February to 20 February 2022, we were able to provide :

  • 350+ bags of food and water
  • 60+ bags of medical supplies containing medication, first-aid kit, thermometer, oximeter, rapid antigen test kits, personal protective equipment.
  • 60+ bags of cleaning supplies.
  • 50+ bags of toiletries.
  • 20+ bags of clothes and bedding.
  • 25+ packages of portable Wi-Fi and data cards.

We could not be more grateful to the incredible community who has made this happen!

  • 1260+ donors who have unbelievably helped us raise over HK$ 1.2 million in funds to support urgent assistance for our domestic workers.
  • 50+ fearless volunteers who are helping us source, pack, and deliver essential supplies every day, three times a day, to temporary shelters across Hong Kong.
  • 20+ donors who provided in-kind donations for use of domestic workers.
  • Multiple supporters who are offering the use of their locations as temporary shelters.

HELP will be able to remain agile and efficiently meet the emerging needs over the next few months. Here is what we are prioritising.

  • Shelter: Ensuring domestic workers in need have access to shelter, particularly those who test positive for Covid-19. We will also continue to work with the Hong Kong Government to ensure that workers can access quarantine facilities.
  • Mental Health: Providing counselling services for domestic workers who have suffered from trauma during this time.
  • Legal Support: Assisting workers on their pandemic-related legal and immigration issues.
  • Financial Support: Alleviating the financial burden for domestic workers who are facing mounting medical bills, especially those who have lost access to medical insurance after termination.
  • Long-term solutions: Supporting domestic workers stranded in Hong Kong while they seek to return to their home countries or find new employment.

If you wish to continue to support the work done by HELP, you can do so by visiting our donation page or get in touch with our team!