Volunteers help displaced FDWs amid COVID-19 pandemic

Zihan Su from China Daily Hong Kong features the selfless service of HELP for Domestic Workers volunteers Genibee and Michelle Wu Man-chi and highlights the struggle of migrant domestic workers and the people who help them.

Wu and her fellow volunteers have been providing essential medicine and food, some of which were donated by other organisations. Despite being aware of the risk of being infected, they struggled to bring the supplies to domestic workers in shelters during the toughest days when the city was experiencing an increasing number of positive cases and facing a severe shortage of medical supplies. 

“I want the FDWs to feel that they are part of the Hong Kong community, part of society and that we love them. It’s my greatest joy when they receive the supplies and it really makes me happy,” Wu said. 

When delivering the supplies to domestic workers, she had to cover herself as much as possible with some limited supplies such as KN95 face masks and shoe sleeves that she had on hand.